Do you take insurance?

Yes, we are enrolled as providers for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Louisiana.

We are also workers’ compensation insurance providers for Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation, LUBA, and Summit.

Will insurance cover your services?

The services provided by our clinic may be covered in full or in part by your insurance plan.  Prior to making appointment, call your insurance provider in order to determine:

•  If your insurance plan covers mental health benefits

•  If the deductible has been met

•  How many sessions are covered per year

•  If pre-approval or pre-authorizations are required

Our staff files Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Louisiana insurance claims as a service to you, but ultimately the patient is responsible for any uncovered charges.  Many policies do not cover educational testing or the full cost of psychological testing.

Can I contact Dr. Taylor through email?

Due to the nature of Internet communication, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.  Therefore, we prefer that you call the office if you have a question or need to make an appointment.  We do not communicate on clinical matters by email.

Can I use my insurance benefits for a custody evaluation?

No, insurance companies do not cover work done for forensic purposes, as it does not meet medical necessity criteria for coverage.  Health insurance policies do not cover court-related services.  Do not be misled by insurance company representatives who tell you otherwise.

What is a psychological evaluation?

A psychological evaluation is done to address specific questions about diagnosis and treatment.  It should include the social and personal history of the individual, observations, objective test results, review of any pertinent materials, summary and recommendations for treatment.  Three or four visits may be required, one of which will include a discussion of results.

What is a psychoeducational evaluation?

A psychoeducational evaluation can help the parents, school, and pediatrician determine whether a child’s symptoms are related to an emotional problem or a learning disability, as well as make recommendations for medication management and therapy.